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End of Season But What a Good Day

Ended the season at home with perhaps the smallest fish I’ve ever caught on fly, a fiesty minnow. It did however make my Adams indicator twitch! Managed a handful of gorgeous browns on tenkara despite the very strong wind.

A very pleasant session on the river with fellow instructor Claudia Audley. Started off cold and blustery but then brightened up. The river was low and exceptionally clear. The massive summer weed growth had died back at last. Perfect for Tenkara!

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Great Day on the River – Pike Day

The river had finally settled down yesterday and was in good condition. I don’t think I will have a better session before Saturday so will probably call time on the season. Had these four and encounters with four more (Pike).

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From a Washout to Peace and Tranquility

Nature never ceases to amaze me. Two weeks ago the river was everywhere except in its banks. Today I found four fresh redds cut. The keeper always reckons they start on the shortest day so the brownies aren’t far out! The pictures aren’t great but the light patches of gravel are the giveaway. It is also Christmas time for the herons.

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Great Brown Trout From Last week

A beautiful trout caught last week.

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